Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabrike Yapilar

Prefabricated Structures; is a building system which is designed according to international standards, static calculations and regional conditions and prefabricated.

Life Containers

Yaşam Konteynerleri

Because of the low cost and fast production, our preferred containers are made of high quality galvanized structural steel, the outer surface is coated with a film coated painted sandwich panel.

Light Steel Structures

Hafif Çelik Yapılar

In the factory, coating, insulation and fine workmanship of light steel structures, which are produced by cold forming of galvanized steel, are carried out at the assembly site. It is earthquake resistant, durable and safe.

Special Design Products

Özel Tasarım Ürünler

Special Design Products; It can be designed according to the individual requirements and it can be delivered in one piece in desired dimensions and it can be delivered as disassembled upon request.

Structural Steel Buildings

Yapısal Çelik Yapılar

Workshop, warehouse, hangar, maintenance area. etc. We use structural (heavy) steel structure solutions in buildings that require wide openings. In this type of buildings the load and steel calculations are important.

Assembly & Demontain Services

Montaj & Demontaj Hizmetleri

Presteel Prefabricated Structures; It can solve the dismantling and assembly (assembly and dismantling) operations in a short time without any problems.

Project Design Reporting & Development

Proje Tasarım Raporlarma & Geliştirme

As Presteel, you can project your house or construction site with our powerful project team in accordance with prefabricated or light steel technical specifications.

Construction Materials

Yapı Malzemeleri

There is no limit to service as Presteel! Apart from project and package products, you can also use our services as a market. We sell retail products for our products.