With this category construction, mine etc. types of products offered to construction sites; Office Buildings, Dormitory Buildings, DiningHall Buildings, WC-Shower Buildings, SocialFacility Buildings, Laundries, Masjids, Housing Buildings, Clinic sand Educational Buildings. In all kinds of climatic conditions, the building sites designed as containers with certain standard sizes are preferred for series, practical and economical. In the construction of our containers, galvanized structural steel of high quality, galvanized trapezoidal sheet coated with film-coated paint on the outer surface is used. These structures can also be dismantled and re-assembled repeatedly. In this way, the solution can be provided for these buildings and several different construction sites. Presteel Prefabricated Structures also offer dismantling and assembly services for these buildings.

Container Construction Site Structures; They are produced in the desired size and design with in the framework of their own specific standards. Structures can be single storey or twoor three storeys can be produced. These pre-fabricated structures are mounted on pre-prepared concrete floors. There a sons for choosing containers for our customers; earth quake resistant, fast production, high quality, easy to ship, long-lasting, economic and rusting risk is not. With the option of disassembled system, the materials in overse as production are packaged in accordance with internationa ltransportation and packaging rules.