In the factory, coating, insulation and fine work man ship of light steel structures, which are produced by cold forming of galvanized steel, are carried out at the assembly site. These buildings, which are earth quake resistant, long lasting and safe, provide flexible and aesthetic solutions in design as they are covered in place. Light weight steel structures with galvanizing system are resistant to corrosion. A1 class fire proof, not affected by water, fibercement facadecladding that is sensitive to the environment and human health also increases the life of the structure. Light steel structures are completely nature-friendly, 90% of which is produced from recyclable materials.

One of the biggest advantages of Light Steel Structures is that they have to adhere to the panel dimensions in prefabricated buildings and eliminate the closure profiles that must be used between the panels. In this way, the design free dom for light steel structures can be mentioned completely. The production technique of light steel structures is separated from the Standard type prefabricated structures. The steel is knitted in a loop of a spider’s web as it weaves a spider web, and is connected to each other from the flor to the rooftrusses with specially designeds crew sand a monolithic system is formed. The system emerges through the necessary isolation and coating on this system. Thanks to the fact that welding is not used any where in the system and thes crew holes are opened through machine lines with millimeter touches, there is a very comfortable assembly process in the construction site. The system, which can be installed in a very short time, can also be moved to a different location and re-usedif required.