Prefabricated Structures; is a building system which is designed according to international standards, static calculations and regional conditions and prefabricated. Prefabricated buildings can be single storey or twoor three storeys. These prefabricated structures are mounted on pre-preparedconcrete floors. The biggest advantage of these structures is that the yare earth quake resistant and light weight. In international production materials are packaged in accordance with international transport and packaging rules.

Two different production options are offered as prefabricated wallsystem. The first one is the press panel system produced by theuse of insulating material (EPS / Rockwool) between the two surfaces of the walls with fibercement between the two sides of the wall with out lowering the quality, while the second is the sandwich panel produced as galvanized steel sheet with different isolation options of the walls as an alternative to the press panel. panel system production. Dueto the water resistance of the fibercement used in the interior and exterior coating of buildings, the materials are not deformed in time. Another feature of fibercement is that it hosts the pests, which are the biggest problems of the majority of the other coating materials, and thuspreventsuch problems from being encountered because the content is cement based.